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Canadian Rockers vol.2

Canadian Rockers vol.2

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Canadian Rockers vol.2

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Great quality Rockin Rollin comp with Canadian Rockers! Listen/info:   Label: Redita


A1 Stolz Brothers Rock & Roll Riot 1:56
A2 Barry And The Deans Rock With Me Baby 1:50
A3 Joe Hollingsworth (2) Rock A Little Baby 1:49
A4 Joey Preston Yow! Are You Hungry Baby 1:50
A5 Gary Cooper (12) Come On Pretty Baby 1:46
A6 Shirley Field We’re Goin’ Skiing 2:10
A7 Shirley Field Ski Rock 2:31
B1 Kenny & Be-Bops* Lindy-Lou 2:28
B2 Jimmy James (17) Baby Sister Rock 2:53
B3 Asteroids* Shhh, Blast Off 1:41
B4 Tommy Ambrose The End Of The World 2:24
B5 Bob King (5) Rocking Juke-Box 2:07
B6 Bob & Lucille* Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe 2:08
B7 Del Erikson Rockin’ Band