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Scandinavian (Nordisk) Teenbeat 4-track EP

Scandinavian (Nordisk) Teenbeat 4-track EP

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Scandinavian (Nordisk) Teenbeat 4-track EP

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Rare hard to find 4-track repro EP with these 3 obscure but very good original 50s/60s Teenbeat/Rock & Roll bands from Scandinavia. Brand new white label testpressings fom the 90s. See picture of how the record was supposed to look with the label.

Band & Trackinfo:

1. The Flintstones-Twistin Bird Listen:
2. The Flintstones-Danny Listen:

3. Helge Nielsen & the Stringers-Carry me back to old Virginia Listen:
4. Guy Bates & the Customers-Blue moon of Kentucky Listen: /